One of my favorite things in life is sculpting labias in clay.  How did this come about?  Over 20 years ago I heard Stephen and Ondrea Levine talk about the “lower heart.”  I’d never heard my labia/vagina called a lower heart before. They said that if the lower heart has been abused, the upper heart shuts down.  I am a survivor of incest, and have done all kinds of work to heal from that abuse.  Sculpting labias in clay for my own healing was how I got started: to feel good about my body, and to own my private parts as my own.  Five years later, I gave birth to my only child, who was later diagnosed with cerebral palsy.  After the diagnosis, I had the irrational belief that my body betrayed me, and was the cause of my daughter’s disability.  Of course, I knew that was wrong, and used art to forgive my uterus.  Then I was too busy raising my daughter to work with clay for about 15 years.  Five years ago I started up again, with a spirit of playfulness, celebration, and empowerment.   Labias are sacred and usually misunderstood.  How often do you see positive labia imagery?  I love this creative process.