Last week I posted that everything is animated = everything moves, whether we can see it or not, within the inside of their atoms, albeit some are moving quicker than others, right?  When I despair about the state of the world, I want to figure out how we got into this mess, with the hope that if we understood how it started, we could figure out how to change it, on a fundamental, cellular level.

What I’ve come to believe is that our original problem is we’ve forgotten we’re all connected.  We wouldn’t be destroying the Earth, brutalizing each other in endless ways, if we really, truly knew that what we do to others, we do to ourselves.  We wouldn’t be talking mean to ourselves in our own heads either.  Now wouldn’t that be a relief?

Riane Eisler wrote “The Chalice and the Blade” in l987 in which she proves that there have been periods of human history when people lived without weapons and without war…i.e. we got along!  Men didn’t dominate women, and women didn’t dominate men.  Peaceful cultures have existed on earth!  What if we all knew that peace is in our genes, in our history?  Wouldn’t it be easier to envision a future with peace, a future without war, if we knew we’d been there before?

The world needs ALIVE, JOYFUL, PASSIONATELY LOVING people.  Isn’t living in Joy an act of rebellion against the death march our culture would have us take part in?  Our challenge, should we choose to join in, is to stay out of fear, worry, and despair, and allow ourselves to breath deeply, focus on the positive, love EVERYTHING, and be as kind to ourselves as we possibly can.