My artist statement

Over 20 years ago, I heard Stephen & Ondrea Levine speak about relationships.  What stood out was the statement that when a woman’s lower heart is abused, her upper heart shuts down.  I’d never the term “lower heart” before then (or since).  Over the years, working in clay, while also healing my own lower heart abuse, I began sculpting labias in clay.  In doing this, I realized that:

The True Origin of the Valentine is a woman’s lower heart.

A woman’s lower heart is shaped much more like a heart/valentine than her upper heart, which is shaped like a fist.  My experience has been that the healing of my lower heart allows my upper heart to love freely and openly.  I’ve moved from incest survivor to celebrator of myself, and my labia.  I believe our planet needs happy inhabitants who can love everything (while letting go of our fear).  Therefore:

Happy Labias = World Peace

My hope is that positive labia imagery will aid in healing and wipe away shame.  I also love pear imagery, and sometimes merge the two.  I create these sculptures because I love making them…no two are alike.

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