Sculpting Labias Brings Me Joy

Chocolate YoniI started sculpting labia in 1988 when I heard that when a woman’s lower heart is abused, her upper heart shuts down. I was sexually abused when I was 4 and 5 years old, and over the years have done therapy, groups, and writing to heal. Once I heard my vulva called my “lower heart” I was inspired to do healing work (which helped me accept my body) by sculpting labia in clay. I made some beautiful pieces that have hung on my walls ever since.

Around 2007, I picked up clay again. I made a “Chocolate Yoni” that hangs in my bathroom (yep, this photo), and then I made the “True Origin of the Valentine,” (see earlier posts for this photo) when it occurred to me that a “valentine” is shaped much more like a labia than our upper hearts (which are shaped like a fist). I was off and running.  I LOVE sculpting labia. Most people don’t understand…”why are you still sculpting labia?” I’ve heard from friends…or similar comments.

Sculpting labia brings me joy.  Each time I grab a handful of clay, I never know how it will turn out, and I enjoy each minute. Last night, as I sculpted yet another labia, I remembered there are over 3 billion women in the world, and every labia is unique.

I’ve been selling my sculptures at In Other Words feminist community center here in Portland where I live. The most supportive environments have been there and also selling at college productions of the “Vagina Monologues.” My goal at this time is to find other venues/stores/galleries. I believe these are healing, and I want women who would benefit from them to see them and experience them.

What do YOU love to do? Are you doing it? I hope you will.  Joy is a great gift we give to the world — and I believe it contributes to world peace.

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