Claybia Workshops

A new word was invented by Kristen when she RSVP’d to my “clay class” — Clabia.  Wow.  Melding two things I love: clay and labia.  I’m copywriting the word Claybia for the workshops I am holding now.  They’re not really classes; I don’t teach you how to make a labia – I create a safe space to explore and sculpt.  I held the first one last month:  I shared my journey that began when I heard someone say that ‘when the lower heart is abused, the upper heart shuts down.”  I was in a clay class at the time, and began sculpting labia in clay to heal my own lower heart abuse.  It’s been healing, liberating, and now is a source of joy.  I also shared a meditation on kindness that left everyone feeling … we all shared our one word, and they were all different. Mine was yummy.

Here is a picture of the first workshop’s sculptures.  They’ve been bisqued and are now ready to be glazed:


There’s a rosebud, a taco, a madonna and child inside a labia, a prayer bowl, a flower with many petals, a bust with wings, a pear, and more.  There are over 3 billion labia on the planet at this time, so the possibilities for creativity are endless.  You can message me on my new Facebook art page: — the title of this page is  “Susan’s Wildly Ecstatic Sculptures.”

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