God is Not a Boy’s Name

I saw this phrase “God is not a boy’s name” on a sign recently. It was a large sign with a young girl sitting nearby. It wowed me. What a great way to talk about the concept of god. Makes me think that god is the ultimate non-binary energy/ entity. A more playful way of looking at god is that it’s universal energy in everything that is eagerly awaiting our requests. It won’t intercede until we make a request. When I do make a request, magical things happen, although not always in the way I expected.

Last summer I wrote about wanting my art to be more public. I used suggestions I found in an article on manifestation: that I write my request as if it had already happened. Months later I found this entry and realized the universe had replied. Since I had written my request, I had found the Oregon Potters Association, learned they’re the ones who host the Ceramic Showcase every year, and now I’m a member about to show my art in the largest ceramic show west of the Mississippi. The universe loves to surprise us, and delight us, and make us laugh.

Perhaps the fear that’s gripping the planet, which manifests in hate and greed, can be abated with our laughter, with our joy, with our loving everything. I’ve begun putting the earth in my heart to love the whole shebang. What is it you’re waiting to ask the universe? What is your heart’s desire? They want to hear from you.


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