To Whoever Orchestrated the Big Bang…

To whoever orchestrated the Big Bang:

I thought you might like to know that the experiment on planet Earth isn’t going so well. It was probably going just fine until women invented agriculture, and then people started settling into communities…having many more babies than previously when they were nomadic, and now we’ve got something like eight billion people on the planet and things are a mess.

We’re losing species of plants and animals every day; the ozone is warming; the whole darn planet is getting hotter, so the ice is melting, and the polar bears are starving, along with millions of people. Millions live in refugee camps while the 1% hoard all the money and resources.

Since the Nordic hordes came south around 5,000 years ago, this whole dominator paradigm is wreaking havoc on everyone who doesn’t have power and privilege.

It’s my suggestion that the indigenous cultures around the planet be put in charge of everything: finance, food production, ecology, the whole ball of wax, though our planet is not made of wax, just earth and fire and water and air.

The International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers could act as the Earth Supreme Court, to make binding decisions when groups cannot figure it out themselves. We need to lose the whole national border idea. In reality we are one, connected inextricably on a cellular level, with the illusion of separation. I guess we make boundaries and borders and walls to further the illusion of separateness, which actually doesn’t exist.

How about if everyone has a chance to lay under a clear starry sky once a month, to be reminded how tiny our little planet Earth is, amid all the other stars and planets that go on and on and on forever. Then maybe a bit more kindness will prevail.

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