Patriarchy is Dying, but will it kill us all too?

The good news is that patriarchy is dying. The bad news is that the white supremacist 1% who control just about everything want us all to die with them. I knew the first fact, and after reading a review of Ijeoma Oluo’s second book “Mediocre” now I understand the second. It puts everything in perspective – in the way the last four years the U.S. presidency has repeatedly threatened life on the planet in large and small ways, and refuses to tell the truth, and is herding bullies like they’re cattle, and I suppose, in his narcissistic mind, they’re not real people, just instruments of torture he can use to keep his power, and continue to amass our money in his accounts.

“Right now white manhood is on a suicide mission,” Ijeoma Oluo writes in her newest book, Mediocre: The Dangerous Legacy of White Male America. “It is standing at the edge of disaster with a gun in its hands, and it’s willing to take us all down with it.” I hope this book is read far and wide. Here’s the long review of the book which was published by Bitch magazine:

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